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Mobile App Development In India

India is the fastest growing economy in the world. We are progressing in every aspect of life. IT industry, in particular, has shown exponential growth. No industry in India has grown like IT industry in last 10 years and mobile app and game development is a huge part of the IT industry. There are 300 million smartphone users in India and given the fact that India is one of the top mobile app development and game development nation it is no wonder that there is a constant demand for mobile application and game developers in India.

Smartphones primarily run on two operating systems – Android from Google and iOS from Apple. The demand for professional developers in either Android or iOS is there as Android based devices are popular in third world countries while iOS based devices are popular in the 1st world countries.

The Mobile App Development and Game Development industry in India :-

Here are some facts and statistics which will help in understanding the size and nature of the mobile application and mobile game development industry.

● India is the fourth largest app economy
● It is expected that by 2020, 20 billion mobile apps and games would be downloaded every year.
● By the end of this year 50 % online payments will be made by mobile applications
● 82.5 % of the people in India have more the 30 apps in the mobile phones
● India can become number one country in app development by the end of 2018
● Google is planning to make India a hub of app development and has already invested a lot of money in India in Android app and game development.

If you pay attention to the above statistics you will find that Mobile app development is a booming industry and it is the right time to become a mobile app or game developer

Top 10 Apps In India

  • Future For Mobile App Developers In India

    • Currently, India has 43.5 lakh mobile app developers both Android and IOS included. According to Economic Times, we may need more than 25 million developers (2.5 crore) smartphone app developers before the end of 2017 which clearly indicates a great career opportunity for the youth of this country
    • The Mobile Game Industry is the fastest among all other apps
    • Every year there is a number of startups come up whose business is based on mobile applications
    • Almost 45% of the experienced app developers get more than 50000 rupees per month
    • 85% of development companies claim that they are facing a shortage of app developers.

Salaries Of App Developers In India


With the focus on developing the infrastructure, like development of the 4G network, mobile app development industry has a bright future ahead. There has never been a a better time to become a mobile developer. India has become an IT hub for all the giant companies because of its cost advantage and the knowledgeable workforce available. Every year thousands of mobile applications and games are developed by mobile development professionals in India. Growth of app development industry is 19% per year and it will only set to rise in the future. So if today you decide to be an app developer it would smart decision.

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Praynika Raina

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computer classes in easy web solutions institute is an incredibly effective for teaching and learning.There are many benefits such as the ability to provide activities for students,as well as allowing for the creation of more individualized lessons.

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dikshit garg

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Its a good institution. Staff here is well qualified and having good learning experience.

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Simran Kaur

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had a nice experience studying c programming at easy web. good faculty. they personally give attention to me and i learn really good things from them

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