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Best Computer Training Institutes In Panchkula

“Recently did a survey and found that only 6.1 % people in India have basic knowledge of computer”

The above-mentioned fact is not just shocking but eye opening as well. One of the factor is that major part of the population cannot afford a computer but there is also lack of proper infrastructure available for learning computer basics which is a bigger contributor towards lack of basic computer knowledge. There is a huge demand for basic computer training as computers are now part of all industries whether it is banking, working at an office, insurance, taxation and others.

A survey was conducted to find the best computer training institute in Panchkula and here are our findings.

Computer Basic Training At Easy Web Solutions

Easy Web has taken on this challenge and therefore has a launched a basic computer training course which trains students on the basics of computers, how computers can be used, knowledge and experience in using the basic software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. With the growth of the Internet, it has become essential that every office employee, irrespective of their position should understand how to use the Internet and well versed with Emailing, Instant chat, using basic computer software like Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Drive because without these tools an office employee would be lost.

It is one of the most reputed and popular computer coaching centers in Panchkula where in training is imparted on computer skills. Various kinds of computer training are provided based on the requirement from computer basics to software and web development.

Basic Computer training course is meant for those who do not have any experience in using computers and want to learn the fundamentals of computer training.

  • Though the training schedule is customized according to the knowledge and requirements of the students it usually includes:
    • Computer hardware basics
    • Computer operating systems
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Introduction to the Internet
    • How to be an expert email user
    • Using web based software for businesses
    • How to do Internet search – tips and tricks involved
    • Using Social Media for various purposes.

Kindly visit Easy Web Solutions to see complete details of the courses this institute offers.

One of the best things about this coaching center is that it offers free computer education in Panchkula to economically backward classes of the society which clearly tells us why Easy Web Solution is the best computer training center in Panchkula

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