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Choose Digital Marketing To Kick Start Your Career

Digital Marketing is relatively new field when compared to traditional marketing. This is one of the reasons why we often get asked “whether digital marketing can a real career or not”

Though an ‘official definition’ has never been put forth, Digital Marketing can be defined as a term that refers to all advertising that is delivered online (i.e. via the Internet) and any form of mobile marketing. For a detailed overview of digital marketing refer to the Wikipedia page.

Digital Marketing, though a new medium, has been experiencing exponential growth in the world including India and there is a huge demand for Digital Marketing Experts.

  • Let us consider some facts before we start discussing digital marketing in detail.
    • 45-50 crore internet users in India and that covers only 31% of Indian population
    • 80- 90 crore internet users by the end of 2021
    • Two out of three businesses in India don’t have a website – GoDaddy survey report.
    • 2 lakh jobs opportunities in digital marketing are expected by the end of 2020
    • Digital marketing industry is having a growth rate of 50 %
    • 90 % of the marketing companies are looking for digital marketing experts

All these above facts are telling us that our future is going to be nothing but digital. So why not discuss digital marketing as a career option.

Let us start by answering a very basic and simple question:-

What is Digital Marketing?
Answer – have you heard of marketing?
if yes, Bingo!
Digital marketing is marketing using digital technology (Internet)

Question: I am still confused?
Answer: Don’t Worry!
We’ll explain everything in detail

Digital marketing means promoting your products and services via different platforms which are available on the internet such as websites, blogs, social media, press release, and much more.

Methods Of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

In short, we call it SEO. It can be defined as the backbone of digital marketing. Every website needs some sort of optimization in order to get desired rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. It can be easily classified into two parts 1) On page SEO 2) Off page SEO

Pay Per Click (Adwords)

It is a paid advertising method in which an advertiser advertises his/her product and services on Google & Bing (major search engines) search results and pays for every click on the advertisement.

Email Marketing

Marketing through emails is known as email marketing. Companies often use this method to product discount offers. It helps them to reach out a larger audience at one go.

Affiliate Marketing

It means making money by promoting products and services of other companies through your website. if your website has a decent amount of traffic you can opt for affiliate marketing and promote products of different types on your website and get a commission in return.

Content marketing

It involves the creation of content for the purpose of lead generation, brand building, increasing traffic etc… A lot of blog writers use this method and product their services through it.

Online Press release (PR)

It is just like old and classic press release except it is on the internet. It is tactically used for releasing a product. It helps to create a buzz in the online market before the launch of a product.

Social Media Marketing

This is very popular and valuable method of promoting your product and services on the Internet. It means promoting your product and services on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and much more.

Other Methods

Some of the other methods of delivery used in Digital Marketing are:

● Live-video Streaming
● In-store Marketing
● App Store Optimization
● Micro-Influencer Marketing
● E-commerce marketing
● Inbound Marketing
● Native Advertising

Digital Marketing As A Career Option In India

The need of digital marketing expert is growing day by day. Every big company today is understanding the importance of having a team of digital marketing experts.

Let’s have a look at some useful information which will help us understand the future of digital marketing. The sources of information are job posting portals who have up-to-date information on the type of jobs in the demand in the market.

As you can see that 8 lakh job opportunities are available on different job portals which shows how much potential this industry has and how much growth one can expect from this industry

Various Positions And Salary Packages In Digital Marketing

Start Learning Digital Marketing


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