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One Of The Best Industrial Training Institutes In Panchkula And How To Make A Right Decision

How to choose the best industrial training institute is a question that keeps many engineering students awake at night.

Industrial Training Institute is Panchkula – Industrial training plays a vital role and converts students into professionals. It not only improves your skills but also prepares you for the rough and tough workplace environment. Theoretical knowledge that you receive in college or university is not at all useful until you put it to use. Industrial training gives you the opportunity to learn things by doing and helps you to understand how an organization or a company works in real life.

  • Why Do You Need Industrial Training?

    • Theoretical knowledge is not enough to compete with the world
    • Chances of getting a job are higher after industrial training
    • People with professional industrial training experience get higher salaries when compared to others
    • It improves your skills and adds one more feather to your resume
    • helps you to learn how to work with a team and achieve results for the organization
    • Assist you to understand complex and complicated organizational structure
    • It is the only way you can get practical knowledge of what you are studying in college or university
    • It prepares you for the future and helps you to understand what you need to do to achieve better results
    • Sometimes it acts as an eye opener. Students get serious about their career after training is over.
    • Industrial training is mandatory in almost all the colleges and universities

How To Choose An Industrial Training Institute

Previous or track records of the company or institute:

Kindly check the previous and old records of the company and inspect things like

-How long has this Institute been providing training for
-Are they doing it on regular basis
-what are their training standards etc

The whole point is to find loopholes and if you don’t find any it means your search is over.

Consult trainees who have undergone training from the institute:

You can consult previous or old interns and ask them various questions to find out about the institutes working standards

Find out about the methodology used for training:

There are generally two methods of training:
1. On job training
2. Off job training

On job training means you will work on real projects and off job training means you will be working on virtual project and studying with the help of study materials.

Find out about the instructors, mentors and trainers:

The best way to inquire about the instructor is to have a demo session and see whether or not you are able to understand the trainer and his/her way to training.

Syllabus of the course or training:

You can collect syllabus of 3 or 4 institutes and compare them with each other. Do no choose the one on the basis of easiness as it won’t help you to improve your skill. We recommend you to choose the one which will help to get practical knowhow.

Fee Structure:

Compare the fee structure of all the training institutes and make a right decision. Fee structure varies from one institute to another. Whether the fee has to be paid in lump sum or in one go is also an important factor that needs to be evaluated

Assistance in placement:

Many institutes provide you assistance in placement after the students have completed industrial training. Beware of those institutes that offer guaranteed placements because most of the promises relating to placement never mature. Don’t fall for such fake promises. Check companies/institutes history of job placements and on the basis of that make a right decision.

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